The Zurich Chamber of Commerce (ZHK) was founded in 1873 as an economical association spanning all sectors of the economy and covers the cantons of Zurich, Schaffhausen and Zug. Its 1100 members represent a work force of around 200 000. Its purpose is the advancement of the economical conditions in its area.

  • The ZHK represents the region’s economy in national and international economical associations and organisations.
  • The ZHK informs its members monthly on the current economical policies and legal questions (newsletter) and polls their opinions in consultations.
  • The ZHK establishes certificates of origin, Carnets ATA and CITES certificates for the cantons of Zurich (excluding the Winterthur region), Zug and Schaffhausen.
  • The ZHK maintains a collection of documents that can provide answers to economically relevant questions, educates its members about worldwide importation regulations and organises educational sessions about international trading formalities.
  • The ZHK has amassed experience in national and international arbitration since 1911. (Schiedsgericht/Arbitration). Furthermore it offers an alternative procedure with which disputes can be resolved in mutual agreement (Mediation).


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